Hello you, Come on, don’t be shy. come closer, but not too close. see me, hear me, feel me. you are the one! i’ll dance for you, i’ll kill for you. i will find you, you can’t hide. don’t fool me, or you will be next. XANTIPPE

Miek Uittenhout presents her new installation: Xantippe!

The life-size pistol Xantippe wins the viewer with its pearl-shell appearance and its human personality traits. Xantippe is built on a machine and it can as such rotate and prance like a horse. It is following the audience with sensors and keeps them in the back-sight.

Xantippe originates from Miek Uittenhout’s fascination for the human response to the big and small injustice that affects all of us. Although Uittenhout, like many people, considers herself to be a reasonable person, who thinks that everything can be solved by open communication, sometimes she caughts herself in a fantasy of revenge. But how small or how tall will the step be, to put these thoughts into action? When will one’s dark side take over one’s reasonable senses?

From this point of view Miek Uittenhout build Xantippe, meaning both ‘blond mare’ as well as ‘evil woman’. The gun’s pearl-shell appearance seduces the audience to play with this deadly instrument of revenge.

Available for bookings through Marc Meijer:


• Limited edition available.
• Each necklace is unique numbered.
• Lasercut mirror gold Acrylic, with a rose gold high coated ball chain.
• In two different sizes available, long or short.
• € 29,95

Mail for an order: XANTIPPE NECKLESS to Let us know if you want Xantippe with a long or a short chain, and note your postel address in the mail. Then we will send the necklace to you as soon as possible!