Dress to impress!

I designed another wedding dress! A bit less theatrical this time, but more from the idea, the power of simplicity. I took these photos of the bride!

There she Goes!

My new installation Xantippe shows off at the Oerol

the birth of Xantippe

After 20 hours in the milling machine Xantippe is born!


Working on my new installation Xantippe, a large gold seductive gun!
Here the publicity image, a self-portrait.


With the props and costumes that I designed for theatre group Tryater, I held a photo shoot, with models Anne Fé  and Rodrik. The whole series can be seen on this site.

Museum Night!

I’ve made this new publicity picture for the Museum Night at Nijmegen. Enjoyed playing with paint!

Het Feest!

This week ‘The Party’ will have his premiere, the 9+ play, of the North Dutch Orchestra in collaboration with Tryater. I designed the stage set and the costumes.

Big belly!

Portrait that I made, on behalf of the beautiful pregnant Lize and Chiel.

‘Chin up, Head down’ at Gallery Bart

Friday was the opening of the first 6 photos of my new 20-piece photo series “Chin up, head down,” at Gallery Bart.


For the “Cinematic Fever Girls ‘of the band ‘The B-Movie Orchestra’ I designed the new costumes. Here’s a preview. You can find the rest of the photos soon on this website.