Imagine you’re a cow

Installation i designed for tgECHO’s performance ‘Imagine you’re a cow’. More pictures in the portfolio.


Publicity picture for the show Campin ‘.

Young Diamond

For the new cover of the online magazine of Festival boulevard about young talent, i photographed the magnificent 8 year old Bobbie. Talking about young talent!!

Party at night

Photoshoot for new campaign of the Nijmeegse Museum Night 2014

Playing card

Theaterfestival Boulevard asked Studio Miek Uittenhout to create the cover shoot for their online magazine. What a great assignment! Here you see the result for their first issue.


Costume design for the performance ‘Pointing at Heaven’. More on the website.

Xantippe video

Video of my installation Xantippe at Oerol Terschelling, Kröller-Müller Museum, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht & GOGBOT!

imagine you are a cow

Made this picture for TG echo, for the performance “Stel je bent een koe’, about the bio industry. Which will premiere at Oerol this summer.


As a director I’ve worked with theatergroup Bouillabaisse on a pitch of ‘The Big Britney Abusical’. We presented the pitch yesterday in M-lab. Tonight we’re gonna kick some ass once more!

Britney Bitch

Inspired by Britney, I took these photos of the ladies of performancegroup Bouillabaisse.