With Love!

I sew my own labels in my costumes as a painter who puts his signature on his painting. Another costume design completed, with love!

Museum Night 2016

I’m enjoying the view big time through the lens of my camera during yesterday’s exciting photoshoot!

Happy New Year!

I love to take pictures of my friends and their kids while we celebrate new years eve, just for fun. This one is my favorite from last years animal ball! I wish you all a wonderful 2016 !!


I’ve been busy with the most beautiful project of my life. I had a son, Kobe!! This life-size picture is his birth announcement!

Hello Stranger!

This month i have an exhibition of the photo series ‘Hello stranger!’ in the town hall in Utrecht. Here is a ‘behind the scene’ video of the photoshoot with ‘Meindert’.

World costume design

I’m in Moscow for the great exhibition “Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990-2015”, about 25 years of costume design. I have the honour to be one of the 200 costume designers selected around the world, who are represented here. 200 artists, from 34 different countries, in the oldest theatre Museum of Russia, proof again, that art unites!!!

Hello Stranger!

Over the past eight months I have been working on a new photo series called: Hello Stranger! Today is the opening of the exhibition. Excited!


New costumes, ready for take-off!!!

The Book

Proud to present: Chin up, Head down THE BOOK!!
Every time I have an exhibition with this photo series, people ask me if there is also a book available. Of course the real photos are for sale, but now, there is also an exclusive coffee table book! With thick lay-flat pages, and beautiful quality prints. ORDER NOW! (also great for a christmas present of course : )


Working on the Costumes for the new¬†theatrical installation Immortals by ‘Boogaerdt and van der Schoot’!